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NEWS: While you wait for us to return, you can catch some ISChi cast members (Ric, Joe, Sayjal, Bryan, & Peter) this FRIDAY, March 25 performing in a fundraiser for Chicago's BUGHOUSE THEATER.  Get your TICKETS HERE!


Brooke Breit

Andy Carey

Mike Jimerson

John Sabine

Ric Walker (Co-Director)

Mike Brunlieb

Erica Elam

Sayjal Joshi

Kevin Sciretta

Matt Young (Co-Director)

Joe Burton

Kiley Fitzgerald

Bryan Duff

Peter Gwinn

Andy Junk

Katie Klein

Zach Thompson

Blaine Swen (Founding Director)


Chuck Cotterman (Lead Tech)

Paige Driscoll

Ian Iversen

Aadam Jacobs