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7-18-2009 La Pieuvre était à l’aperçu de presse du spectacle de l’Improvised Shakespeare Co. en provenance de Chicago dans le cadre du festival Zoofest de Montréal. Vous connaissiez les Lost Fingers avant leur fulgurante montée des derniers douze mois ou vous aur...

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Bard for Life - The Hour (Montreal, Canada)

The Improvised Shakespeare Company spins hilarious brand-new yarns from notorious Olde World words

7-16-2009 Friends, readers, Montrealers, lend me your ears. Our fairest of cities hath produced yet another festival celebration, henceforth known as Zoofest, to chase away the darkness of men's souls with the sunshine of timely guffaws.Phew, writing like Shakespeare is hard, and Blaine Swen is someone who's ...

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The Improvised Shakespeare Company - The Onion

5-8-2009 Anyone who still needs convincing that improv can produce an independent piece of capital-A Art would do well to see The Improvised Shakespeare Company. This cast of visiting Chicagoans produces entire plays utilizing the standard tropes and antiquated language of Shakespeare. As a team, it’s ...

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Improvised Shakespeare adds fresh, comedic turns to Bard's turf - The Canadian Press

4-21-2009 MONTREAL — Many people might think twice about perusing a Shakespeare play, much less improvising one. But Blaine Swen and his merry band of Improvised Shakespeare Co. players take to the stage with relish, firing out Elizabethan bon mots in the course of a one-hour show that has been describ...

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Improvised Shakespeare takes time to perfect act: - Chicago Tribune

There’s rhyme, reason and a method used by mad-about-Bard improvisers

3-30-2009 Improvisation and preparation would seem, by definition, diametrical opposites. How, then, to explain the lads (no ladies, as in Shakespeare’s day) of The Improvised Shakespeare Co., who may be the most elaborately prepared improv members in Chicago, if not anywhere? Showcased in the coveted F...

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“Don’t Miss Them.  Seriously.”

TimeOut New York


“…the show channels Monty Python as often as the Bard, and frequently with sly-witted results.”

The Chicago Tribune

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